Instructions for authors including a brief guideline "How to submit a successful manuscript to Applied Rheology"

  Document types

  • Review article
  • Regular article
  • Book review
  • Conference report
  • News from the market
  • Thesis summary
  • Contribution for Society's Site
  • Letter to the editor

  References Style for Articles and Books
(we also provide an EndNote export filter and a website for LaTeX users that allows to convert to our references style )

  [1] Anderson PD, Dooley J, Meijer HEH: Viscoelastic effects in multilayer polymer extrusion, Appl. Rheol. 16 (2006) 198-205.
  [2] Kroger M: Models for polymeric and anisotropic liquids, Springer, Berlin (2005)

  Applied Rheology does not charge authors and provides free electronic reprint. Color images will be included free of charge to the online version of the manuscript. Color reproduction in the printed issue are subject to charges (please contact the editorial office for more information)

  Authors are encouraged to have a look at the referee report form

  We provide sample (printed) papers
Please do not try to reproduce the layout when typesetting your manuscript.

  Proof-reading: We accept annotated pdf's. If this is not an option, please follow classical proof reading instructions:

  As initial submission of your manuscript please upload a single pdf of the whole manuscript (including body text, references, captions, tables, and figures). This pdf will be used for the reviewing process. Once your manuscript is accepted, the final submission must include an electronic text document (Microsoft Word or LaTeX) including body text, references, captions, tables, and figures. In addition, all figures must be uploaded in separate high resolution format (Accepted file formats are either ps or eps (vector-based images) as well as jpg or tiff (pixel-based images, minimum 300dpi resolution), Microsoft Excel files will not be accepted).

  Manuscripts and all other contributions to Applied Rheology must be submitted via our web interface
The same interface provides manuscript status information and reports.

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