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M. Kapnistos, D. Vlassopoulos
Rheological Master Curves of Crystallizing Polymer Mixtures

Appl. Rheol. 16:3 (2006) 132-135

Abstract: We present a simple methodology for extending linear viscoelastic measurements of crystallizing polymers tothe high-frequency regime, where usually crystallization kinetics represents an obstacle. The idea is to performrapid quenches, below the melting temperature (which corresponds to the high-frequency region), account forthe thermal equilibration and the very slow early stages of crystallization, and perform the measurements beforereally crystallization sets in, in the 'quasi-equilibrium' state. Albeit tedious, when properly done, this methodworks remarkably well, as demonstrated for a particular polybutadiene mixture, and opens the route for obtain-ing rheological master curves in a wide variety of crystallizing polymers. © 2006 Applied Rheology.

DOI 10.3933/ApplRheol-16-132

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